Dive Into Your Chaos

The sea, the great unifier, is our only hope.

Keep Diving can teach you to handle problems through getting real perception of peace while diving.

To escape and dive into the water - that’s our idea of paradise.

Scuba Diving For Beginners

It is a quick and easy introduction to what it takes to explore the underwater world.

Coral Reef Diving Course

Everyone likes to scuba dive or snorkel in warm, clear water on a vibrant coral reef, yet many people know little about what they’re seeing or the importance of reef ecosystems.

Explore Cavern

Caverns exist in many areas where scuba divers venture – from freshwater springs to volcanic island walls and limestone coasts. In these locations you’ll find large, dark spaces.

This course will increase your awareness of divers’ varying abilities and explores adaptive techniques to apply while diving or freediving with a buddy.


-becoming more aware and mindful of individual considerations when diving with people

-adaptive techniques that can be applied while diving with buddies with mental and/or physical challenges

Boat Diver

Much of the world’s best scuba diving is accessible only by boat. Scuba diving from a boat is fun and relatively easy because you usually descend directly onto your dive site.


boat terminology


boat diving procedures and etiquette, including how to enter and exit, and where to stow your gear


boating safety, including how to locate safety equipment.

Asher Hawking
Сo-founder of Keep Diving